Видео: Love Actually - sad scene

Love Actually - Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now

Emma has just found out the necklace was not for her... Very moving scene and amazing music.

Love Actually - To me you are perfect

Mark finally expresses his hidden, unrequited love for Juliet, beautiful scene.

Heart Wrenching Moments | Love Actually | SceneScreen

This time of year Love Actually always tugs on our heartstrings. Here are the film's most heart wrenching moments that make us ...

Emma Thompson Reveals The Heartbreaking Inspiration Behind Her Sad 'Love Actually' Crying Scene

Emma Thompson recently opened up about the heartbreaking real-life inspiration for her iconic "Love Actually" crying scene.

The Sad Truth Of What Happens After Love Actually Ends

Love Actually is a Christmas movie staple, alongside such classics as Home Alone and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Love actually - Karen and Harry scene

Karen: Tell me, if you were in my position what would you do? Harry: What position is that? Karen: Imagine your husband bought ...

Love Actually Ending

the airport scene.

Love Actually - The Necklace Scene - Alan Rickman & Rowan Atkinson

Website: Popcornography.co.uk http://tinyurl.com/n485b9a Twitter: @Popcorn_Media http://tinyurl.com/kp3sqyv Facebook: ...

Love Actually - Joanna's Funeral

Daniel says goodbye to Joanna with a moving tribute. Funerals can be a celebration of a person's life. You can say thank you to ...

Emma Thompson Has A Sad Link To Her Love Actually Character

If you were to Google "heartbreak" and Love Actually, you'd be served up with reams of results on how Emma Thompson's ...

Funeral scene from "Love Actually"

This lovely funeral scene from "Love Actually" has a ring of sadness, especially in light of the tragic death of Natasha Richardson, ...

Juliet looks at Mark's video of her Love actually

Juliet finds out how much mark was in love with her...

Love Theme Suite from "Love Actually" - music by Craig Armstrong

Love Theme Suite contains the three main love themes of the movie. - Glasgow Love Theme - Portuguese Love Theme - Prime ...

Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell ( Love Actually version )

Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell ( Love Actually version )

Love Actually Jamie and Aurelia

Sweet scene from the movie Love Actually. Jamie goes to Portuguese Restaurant looking for Aurelia. Enjoy!

LOVE ACTUALLY 2 "Red Nose Day" Trailer (2017)

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Love Actually - Sad scene (Español-Spanish)

Acá dejo un vídeo de una de las mejores escenas de la película "REALMENTE AMOR" o "LOVE ACTUALLY" en inglés. Esta es ...

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