Видео: General Custer and his men are annihilated by the Sioux and Lakota at the Little Big Horn

ʬ Custers Last Stand : Documentary on the Life and Death of General Custer (Full Document

ʬ Custers Last Stand : Documentary on the Life and Death of General Custer (Full Documentary). . George Armstrong Custer ( 5, ...

The Battle at Little Bighorn | History

In 1876, General Custer and members of several Plains Indian tribes, including Crazy Horse and Chief Gall, battled in eastern ...

Little Big Horn full version

longer clip from movie.

Custer's Last Stand | The Wild West | BBC Documentary

Contains scenes of moderate violence. In June 1876, 366 men of Custer's men attacked a Sioux Indian village of 2000 braves.

Tonka (1958)- The battle of Little Big Horn

Custer and his soldiers make their last stand against the Sioux and the Cheyenne Indians.

The last battle

Errol Flynn como el General Custer y Olivia de Havilland como Elizabeth Bacon Custer. "Murieron con las botas puestas" (1941) ...

General Custer.. did he set his Men up for Slaughter or was he a hero?

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Battle of the Little Bighorn (25 June 1876) - United States vs Lakota Sioux & Cheyenne

With your donations I can get more time to create and upload new videos. https://paypal.me/YTmustbefunny Please support my ...

Custer - Massacre

Still another episode of the short lived 1967 ABC-TV western show.In this one,Custer and his men are guarding a gold shipment ...

Movie: Custer's Last Stand, 1991

Movie retelling the story of Custer's Last Stand. Recommended for students studying the American West for GCSE History Not our ...

They Died With Their Boots On (1941 movie clip) Custer orders the bar closed

George Armstrong Custer (Errol Flynn) dose not like his new men getting drunk, so he orders the bar closed.

CUSTER vs.the INDIANS - Movie Highlight #3

A fictionalized account of the fighting and massacres that took place between General Custer's Federal Troops and the Native ...

Into The West- Battle at Little Big Horn

On June 25th, 1876. Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry attacked the Indians at the Little Big Horn.

Sitting Bull (1954)- Last stand at Little Big Horn

Sitting Bull wants peace, but when Col. George Armstrong Custer's men kills some Indians the battle of Little Big Horn begins.

Deaths of Custer in the movies

I got all the Custer deaths I could find to make this video.

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